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Director’s Bio
Drew Highlands is a film and stage actor, director, writer, and producer. He regularly collaborates with SXSW award-winning filmmaker Wes Hurley, including Hurley's web series Capitol Hill and film Potato Dreams of America. In addition to writing and directing In the Water, Drew co-created and produced three seasons of the comedic web series The Last Video Store on Earth and co-produced Quinn Armstrong's newest feature, Cat. His acting credits include guest-starring on Z Nation and appearing in films The Dinner Table, Return to Seattle, Five Dollars, and Acts Of Witness. His stage acting credits include The Nance, Death Of A Salesman, Luna Gale, Miracle!, and Chaos Theory. Drew is a graduate from Cornish College of the Arts where he received his BFA in acting with emphasis on playwriting and directing.

Director’s Statement
"In the Water" is an autobiographical short film about childhood trauma revisiting us in our early adult life. Creating this film was essential to me because I wanted to share my personal story and reclaim control over my past. One of the most gratifying aspects of this film, as it reaches audiences, has been the profound connections made with others who have undergone similar experiences in their own childhoods. Witnessing the vulnerability, empowerment, and collective healing that people have expressed after watching the film has been incredibly touching and meaningful. I hope that by sharing my journey, this film can connect with others and initiate the healing process for those who need it.